Obsessed by Data, Power BI Fan, Innovation-driven, Business-oriented, Artificially-Intelligent, Community leader, I drive innovation and tech-passion at Avanade (after doing the same thing at Azeo for 10 years before being acquired by Avanade). I work for more than 20 years on challenging projects, from web to IoT including a lots of Data and AI. I am awarded as Data Platform MVP since 2008 and I’m intensively involved in French Communities.


In this session we will discuss Data Governance around Power BI and on-prem platforms. How to avoid dataset-hell. What are the best practices for sharing queries? Who is the famous Data Steward ?
See how to analyze images in your Data Lake with Azure Data Lake Analytics, U-SQL and custom models
That session explains how to put AI algorithms on Edge devices, with feedbacks from a computer vision project