Consultant, Trainer and also manager, I lead Data & BI Practice and Innovation at AZEO, a French Microsoft "pure-player" partner.

I am MVP Data Platform since 2008 and speak at many events in France and in Europe. I lead the local community (GUSS & Club Power BI) and organize events in France since 2011 : MS Cloud Summit, Les Journées SQL Server, SQLSaturday, Power Saturday, etc.

I'm passionate by data concerns in business like Data Governance, Data Quality or Data Vizualisation and since 2010, I specialized myself in Self-Service BI. My favorite topic is Power BI, business usages and technical architectures that go with.


In this session we will discuss Data Governance around Power BI and on-prem platforms. How to avoid dataset-hell. What are the best practices for sharing queries? Who is the famous Data Steward ?
See how to analyze images in your Data Lake with Azure Data Lake Analytics, U-SQL and custom models
That session explains how to put AI algorithms on Edge devices, with feedbacks from a computer vision project