Jan Pieter Posthuma is a Microsoft Data Consultant at DataScenarios (The Netherlands) and speaks frequently about different subject related to Power BI and the Azure Data platform.
He has published multiple community projects to e.g. the VSTS Marketplace and the Office Store (Power Bi Custom Visuals). Since 2015 Jan Pieter is also part of the organizing committee for SQLSaturday in the Netherlands via SQL PASS NL.
Jan Pieter Posthuma has submitted 2 sessions for SQLBits 2019, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Connect with me to learn the basics of Power BI Embedded and how to incorporate Power BI Reporting capabilities (reports and dashboards) in your own (web)applications.
Connect with me to learn the basics of Microsoft Power BI’s open source visualization platform and build a customer visual from scratch and then test and package the visual to check for full functionality on both Power BI and Excel.


Previous Sessions

Big Data is hot! And the magic word is Hadoop. But what is it? And more important: what can I do with it? In this session we will cover some basics of Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig and Hive.
For long Hadoop and MapReduce were linked together. With the release of YARN, Hortonworks, Microsofts Hadoop partner, launched the Stinger initiative to speedup Hive a 100x. But wat is it? In this session I will show you.
Microsoft Power BI supports custom visuals from the Office Store (store.office.com). In this session I will demonstrate what is needed for starting building your own.