Hugo Kornelis

Hugo Kornelis is an established SQL Server communiity expert who spends a lot of time at various conferences. He is also a blogger, technical editor of a variety of books, and Pluralsight author. He was awarded SQL Server MVP and Data Platform MVP 12 times (2006 - 2016 / 2019 - now). When not working for the community, he is busy at his day job: freelance database developer/consultant. Hugo has over 20 years of SQL Server experience in various roles. He has a strong database design background, but also loves to write and tune complex queries.

Hugo Kornelis's Sessions

Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization in SQL 2022 ... As Cool as it Sounds?SQLBits 2023

We'll provide a balance perspective of the benefits and limitations of the new Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization feature in SQL 2022 to help you decide if it's right for your environment.

Here’s the execution plan … now what?SQLBits 2022

You know where to find an execution plan. You have taken your first steps reading them. But how are you going to apply this knowlledge to real world problems?

Fast Focus: Scalar User-defined Functions in SQL Server 2019SQLBits 2020

SQL Server 2019 introduces FROID, a framework to inline user-defined functions, promising much better performance. What problem does it solve? And how does it work?

Execution plans ... where do I start?SQLBits 2020

Execution plans are key to understanding bad query performance. But they can be overwhelming to the new user. Where to start? This session will show the basics!

From adaptive to intelligent: query procesing in SQL 2019SQLBits 2019

SQL Server 2019 includes new query processing features such as batch mode on rowstore, memory grant feedback, approximate query processing, and more. How do these work? Are they as good as Microsoft wants us to believe?

Normalization Beyond Third Normal FormSQLBits 2017

Many people think that normalization stops at Third Normal Form. But there are lots of higher normal forms. And they are not as complex or as irrelevant as often claimed. If you want to design better databases, then come attend this session!

Everything you always wanted to know about MERGESQLBits 2013

In this demo-rich session, Hugo Kornelis shows how the full syntax of MERGE enables more than just synchronizing data. You'll get an overview of all the available options, plus a few surprising pitfalls you may not be aware of.

SQL Server 2012: Column store indexesSQLBits 2012

This session will present you with a fascinating behind-the-scenes deep-dive view of the new column store index feature. How do column store indexes work? How are they built? And how can they yield such enormous performance boosts to some workloads?