Hue Holleran is a professional consultant with a background in mainframe and SQL Server since v4.2, Oracle since v7, and more recently with hyperscale cloud solutions.

After more than 25-years as a consultant to over 100 of the largest global brands in various industries - Hue has established a reputation for developing innovative and practical solutions. A background in mainframe 'C' and Oracle and SQL Server since the 1990's, Hue's current interest is in multi-terabyte and multi-threaded hyperscale cloud solutions.

Hue has frequently presented on various topics since presenting for Microsoft at all UK venues for the Visual Studio 6 launch in 1998, Hue's current focus is on leveraging the database's enterprise capabilities to implement truly robust and resilient systems that retain excellent performance even in the most challenging of environments.


Partitioning in the Real World
2005 SQLCMD Scripting
A Testing Time...
SSMS is a great environment ... and here's how to make it even better: write your own AddIn - here's how!
More and more senior roles require familiarity with SAN technologies - tricky for us, 'just' the DBA. This '90% practical' session will explore Hue's 2× different SAN in a box'es. Come and gain this much-needed exposure to Enterprise technologies.