Gethyn Ellis

Gethyn is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, SQL Server consultant and trainer specialising in the Microsoft Data Platform. Gethyn runs a small consultancy practice in the UK with clients across Europe and North America. The consultancy practice specialises in SQL Server upgrades, migrations to Azure, database security, architecture of highly available data platforms and database performance. Gethyn has published two books relating to SQL Server, one on SQL Server 2014 new features, and another on the Azure IaaS offering. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer for a number of years and has delivered approximately 200 training courses. He maintains a data platform themed blog on his website

Gethyn Ellis's Sessions

What you can do to protect your SQL Server and why it mattersSQLBits 2023

The CIS Benchmarks, from the Centre of Internet Security (CIS), are a set of globally recognized and consensus-driven best practices to help us implement and manage our cybersecurity defences. In this 20-minute session, listen to David and Gethyn discussing these best practices, see if you agree with them, and see how many you have implemented.

Top Five Disasters we've dealt with in our time as DBAsSQLBits 2022

Come and hear our top five disasters and how we managed them (or not)