Geovanny Hernandez is a Database Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than twelve years of experience in the software development, who has been working in different industries as games online, publishing and banks, involved in projects as migrations, upgrades and performance tuning on MS SQL Server solutions. In addition, Geovanny collaborates with SQL Server community as a speaker on different sessions for PASS Malaga (Spain chapter) and virtual events for students and professionals in Universities from Nicaragua (Central America).

He is passionate about Databases and teaching, who is Microsoft Certified Solution Associate in SQL Server professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer.  Geovanny has interests with a broad IT knowledge interested in good practices and aspects that define you as Software Craftsman.  Some subjects of interest in SQL Server including:

·       Advanced T-SQL

·       Unit Testing in MS SQL Server

·       Query optimization 

·       Indexes strategies

·       Python for SQL Server

In 2016, Geovanny was invited to join Friend of Red-Gate program, an exciting initiative of the Red-Gate company, you can verify his profile and know more about it in the link:  He is a popular contributor on MSDN (

Geovanny has developed a Unit Testing framework for MS SQL Server Database, this represented a challenge because for an unknown reason, nowadays every developer recognize the vital role of Unit Testing, but in the world of Database there are not so many people adopting it, the Simple SQLUnitTesting is pursuing a real adoption and implementation of TDD (Test Driven Development) with a framework which will allow the developer to be comfortable programming unit test methods and class without sacrifice time and readability. 

You can download the code in the next GitHub link: , and the nugget package in

Originally from Nicaragua(central America) lives in Malaga, Spain with his wife and two kids. He is a Database Engineer for The Workshop, volunteer in the chapter of PASS Malaga and enjoys the beautiful beaches in La Costa del Sol. You can find Geovanny on LinkedIn (, and learn from his
adventures and SQL Server challenges via his blog (


Everyone that has been involved in Software Development can notice how huge the impact of a bug can be, and Databases are not the exception. In this session, you will learn how to test your SQL Server projects using Visual Studio and SQLUnitTesting.