Gary Crawford

Gary is COO at XLCubed. Much of his time is spent liaising with customers and our partner network on their needs within BI, their usage of the XLCubed suite, and ensuring that future development plans incorporate their feedback. Customers span most sectors with particular depth in Financial Services, Pharma, Retail and Manufacturing, and range from mid-sized to some of the largest corporates. Gary has a specific interest in business- effective Data Visualisation.

Prior to his role at XLCubed Gary was Applications Support Manager for a consultancy providing applications and products for the Oil and Gas sector. The original inspiration for XLCubed came from users in one of the largest Oil Majors constant use of ‘Save to Excel’ from standard reporting tools (some things never change…). XLCubed was formed to provide a better, Excel-centric but data connected model with web deployment.