Fabiano is a Data Platform MVP, MCP for SQL Server 2000, MCTS and MCITP Data Base Developer for SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 and 2014. He also is a data platform MVP and actively involved in SQL Server community though forums, writes articles for Simple-Talk (https://www.red-gate.com/simple-talk/author/fabiano-amorim//), and he also presents online Webcasts and In-Person events around world (Brazil , Portugal, UK, Japan, Canada, US, India, Denmark, Belgium, Israel, Johannesburg…), he already spoke to more than 20 SQLSaturday events. He also wrote an e-book about SQL Server called “Complete ShowPlan Operators”.

Fabiano as a unique gift of presenting and teaching about very hard subject with so easy manners that the audience is able to understand the subject without any difficulty. Using this talent, he developed several trainings and presentations to teach people how to get the best from Databases technologies.


Once upon a time in a kingdom of darkness… SQL Server 2012 + Windows Functions… and they lived happily ever after… This session describes the improvements in Windows Functions T-SQL support from SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2012.
Query optimizer is getting smart, computers are taking DBAs jobs. In this session MVP Fabiano Amorim will talk about new “automatic” optimizations on SQL 2017. Adaptive query processing, auto tuning and few other features added into the product.