Dave Morrison is a Principle Consultant for Coeo. Having worked in the IT industry for around 16 years his main area of expertise is SQL Server, BI and analytics technologies


This session will cover the "Dark Arts" of SQL Server namely performance tuning. Rather than a traditional look at query tuning it will focus on common misconceptions and a look a why sometimes you get query plans that do "odd" things
This session will take a look at query plan operators, what they are, what they each do, why they get chosen and also how to avoid using them when they perform badly. This will be held mainly in management studio with lots of examples
In this session we will deep an in-depth look at some of the most common query plan operators. We'll look at what they do, how they do it and the circumstances in which they are chosen. We'll also take a look into the ups and downs of each
In this session we'll take a look at some nice bits of TSQL coding to resolve troublesome coding problems. We'll also look into writing code to make use of some TSQL features that are under used in daily coding.
In this session we'll take a look at a wide variety of topics, from useful and little known TSQL coding constructs to best case indexing advice and a whole lot more.
An in depth look at query plans and the query optimiser
An overview of PowerApps and the platform
An overview of PowerApps and the platform