Darren Freimuth

Darren is a Senior Solutions Architect and a 27-year veteran at Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon. He is currently responsible for designing SQL Server solutions that showcase the best of what Microsoft and Intel have to offer with SQL Server. He started with SQL in 1994 with SQL Server version 4.21a. Since then, he has utilized all versions of SQL and serving in many capacities including designing, implementing, and supporting Microsoft SQL Server solutions. Prior to joining “Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Group” in his current role, he was responsible for a multi-terabyte SQL Server based infrastructure supporting Intel manufacturing utilizing a cross-site availability clustering for maximum uptime and performance. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with home automation, building things, and rooting on the Timbers.

Darren Freimuth's Sessions

Platform Innovations with SQL Server 2022 + Intel SQLBits 2023

Get ready for a journey through the cutting-edge platform advancements in SQL Server 2022! In this must-attend session, our Microsoft and Intel subject matter experts will take you on a tour of the latest platform innovations, demonstrating the new capabilities and solutions that are driving the next generation of database administration. Discover how Intel technologies are powering the SQL Server experience and hear about the latest hardware advancements from Intel that are shaping the future of the platform space. We'll dive into the backup compression improvement enabled by SQL Server 2022 and Intel® QuickAssist Technology (QAT). You'll learn how this integration allows for offloading of compute overhead, reduction of CPU usage, improvement of backup completion times, and reduction of storage consumption. We will also discuss the latest Intel hardware and where we are going next with SQL Server and Intel technologies. We will also cover Intel AVX-512 (Advanced Vector Extensions 512-bit) technology designed to accelerate the performance certain computing tasks, allowing the processor to perform multiple operations in parallel. SQL Server 2022 can leverage AVX-512 instructions to improve the performance of certain query operations by offloading compute-intensive operations to the processor. By utilizing AVX-512, SQL Server can take advantage of the improved parallelism and faster performance offered by modern processors, providing customers with faster query execution times and improved overall performance by offloading some of the work from the CPU to the processor. Don't miss your chance to be at the forefront of the platform revolution and discover the latest advancements in SQL Server and Intel technologies!