Senior PM Manager, Microsoft


Learn how Machine Learning Services in SQL Server is a powerful end-to-end ML platform for customers, on both Windows and Linux. Come learn about the unique value proposition of doing your entire machine learning pipeline in-database – right from data pre-processing, feature engineering, and model training to deploying ML models and scripts to production in secure and compliant environment without moving data out. 
In this session, you'll learn about the various prebuilt AI/ML models that are available for your consumption through Microsoft's Cognitive Services. Additionally, you'll see examples of how these prebuilt services can be leveraged with SQL Server 2019.
Translate your existing SQL Server performance and availability skills and apply them to Azure SQL.
Learn what to use when for various flavors of Azure SQL
For over 30 years, Microsoft has been leading the charge with innovations in the database spaced based on YOUR feedback and requirements. In this session, learn about the more recent innovations and customers, and how we're aiming to build the best operational database on the planet, anywhere you are. Database services covered include SQL Server, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, and Azure Arc.
In this session, join the live audience of a session that is being live streamed from the conference! You'll receive the latest updates containing all things SQL Server and Azure SQL. This not-to-miss session will include demos, special guests, and a sneak peak at the future!
Come get your questions answered live on stage by members of the Microsoft engineering team. This will be a fun and interactive session hosted by Bob Ward. We will take questions live from the audience plus those who are connected virtually.
Come by and meet the people who build the products you use every day. With Bob Ward, Buck Woody, Anna Hoffman, Pedro Lopes