Andrew Pruski

I'm a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and former SQL Server DBA. You can find me on twitter @dbafromthecold and blogging at

Andrew Pruski's Sessions

Chaos Engineering for SQL ServerSQLBits 2023

How can we test potential weaknesses in SQL Server? In this session we will explore the concept of Chaos Engineering, its core concepts, and the methodologies behind it.

Why is understanding Kubernetes important for your career as a Data Professional?SQLBits 2022

A panel discussion on why both - admins and developers - should understand the impacts and benefits of containerized applications.

Docker Deep DiveSQLBits 2020

Played around with SQL Server in containers and want to delve further into the platform? This session is for you! In this session we'll dive straight into the Docker platform and investigate its internals.

Container questions that Andrew and Anthony DM each otherSQLBits 2020

A Q&A panel session with Andrew Pruski and Anthony Nocentino talking about all things containers! Hosted by Rob Sewell

Introduction to partitioningSQLBits 2018

Session will be aimed at Database Administrators\Developers who have not previously implemented partitioning within an OLTP database and is designed to give a overview into the concepts and implementation.

Containers and Clones: giant databases on tiny HDDsSQLBits 2018

Provision dev databases quickly and easily using containers and clones

An introduction to SQL Server in ContainersSQLBits 2017

Containers are a new and exciting technology but what does it mean for DBAs? This session will give an introduction into SQL Server running in containers and what options are available.