Ana has more than twenty-five years of industry experience that ranges from development of desktop solutions in FoxPro in the ‘90s to data analysis and business intelligence consulting and training in the recent years. She has a Degree in Economic Cybernetics from Moscow's State University of Management, in the former USSR, and also a Masters degree in Business Intelligence from the University of Alcala, in Spain. In the last decade, she has been centered in the Data world on Microsoft technologies, modeling and Data Analysis with Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence and Microsoft Excel tools. Recently she has shifted her focus to, Azure ML, R, and Power BI, being currently an Official Microsoft Partner in this topic. From the early 00’s she has been an active collaborator of Microsoft user communities, starting with the Microsoft NewsGroups, communities like PortalFox, part of initiatives such as Visual FoxPro 8 translation to Spanish. More recently, she has been active in the PASS community, where she presented sessions for the chapters in EMEA and LATAM, as well as collaborating since the beginning in the Power BI User Group (PUG) Spain. You can find here in other forums, as a speaker, organizer or attendee, and as well as online in her Twitter account or in her blog, which she has been maintaining for more than fifteen years.


To build analytical models, we need to start by extracting, transforming, cleaning, preparing and loading the data. This session analyzes a set of scenarios that may happen during the ETL step using the Power Query in Power BI.
Date fields play an important role in virtually all cases of advanced analytics. The "problem & solution" style session can be very useful given the large number and variety of scenarios that may arise
This short session will cover some scenarios of cleansing data in Power Query using M, Python, or both languages.