Allan Hirt

Business continuity, infrastructure, virtualization, and cloud expert, author, bass player, Styxologist, and SQLHA founder Allan Hirt has been working with SQL Server as well as clustering in Windows Server for far too long. He currently works for Pure Storage as a Technical Evangelist. Both a dual Microsoft MVP (Data Platform; Cloud and Datacenter Management) and a VMware vExpert, he travels the world to empower people through sharing his knowledge.

Allan Hirt's Training Days

Architecting Scalable, Available, and Manageable SQL Server DeploymentsSQLBits 2023

If you need SQL Server solutions that work in the real world and not just on paper, attend this Training Day to learn how to account for performance, availability, and manageability (including security).

Notes from the Field: A Guide to Modern SQL Server Availability ArchitecturesSQLBits 2022

This full day session will ensure you know what it takes to ensure SQL Server meets your uptime requirements no matter how or where you are deploying it.

SQL Server Cloud FundamentalsSQLBits 2020

The public cloud is here to stay and will transform SQL Server deployments. No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, this day will modernize your SQL Server skills no matter which cloud you choose.

Modern SQL Server Availability ArchitecturesSQLBits 2019

Level up and modernize your SQL Server availability skills.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of SQL Server AvailabilitySQLBits 2018

Learn what to do and what not to ensure availability of SQL Server.

Modern SQL Server Availability and Storage SolutionsSQLBits 2017

The availability and storage landscape for SQL Server has changed with new features in SQL Server itself, Windows Server, and Linux support coming soon. This session will give you a head start on using these features today, not tomorrow.

AlmostOn: An Expert’s Guide to Troubleshooting FCIs and AGsSQLBits 2016

Every second counts when servers are down. FCIs and AGs can break for many reasons and you must be prepared to troubleshoot and resolve issues. This full day will teach you the relevant skills to diagnose your clustered SQL Server configurations.

The A to Z of Availability GroupsSQLBits 2014

Ever since it was introduced in SQL Server 2012, availability groups (AGs) have been a source of interest, curiosity, and confusion. This full day session will demystify and discuss the good, bad, and ugly of deploying and administering AGs.

AlwaysOn: Maximizing High Availability with SQL Server 2012SQLBits 2012

Mission critical is a major focus of SQL Server 2012 with enhancements to failover clustering and the new AlwaysOn availability groups feature. Come get advanced training on how to plan and implement highly available SQL 2012 deployments.

Allan Hirt's Sessions

A Distributed Availability Groups PrimerSQLBits 2020

A distributed availability group is not your mother's availability group. Want to know more? Attend this session.

Common Troubleshooting Techniques for AGs and FCIsSQLBits 2019

Learn how to troubleshoot AGs ad FCIs.

Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica for FCIsSQLBits 2018

Learn how to plan and implement storage spaces direct and storage replica for FCIs.

Top 10 Clustering Dos and Dont'sSQLBits 2017

Clustered instances (FCIs) and availability groups (AGs) can still be the source of pain and confusion for many. Learn from one of the world's experts on clustering SQL Server about some of the most important considerations to clustering success.

Clustering SQL Server: What Does It Mean In 2015?SQLBits 2015

Clustering no longer means just installing a clustered instance of SQL Server (FCI). Availability groups also are clustered. This session will demystify clustering as it relates to SQL Server.

SQL Server Storage vNext: Welcome to the FutureSQLBits 2014

The way our data will be stored is changing and it's all about your network. Come find out why CSVs, SMB, Windows Scale Out File Servers, fast networks, and maybe even the cloud are in your future.

Patch Management Strategies for SQL Server DeploymentsSQLBits 2014

Patching is often the cause of most of our downtime be it hardware, Windows, or SQL Server. This session will guide you around pitfalls to increase your uptime and reliability while managing your downtime related to patching and updating

A Preview of High Availability in SQL Server 2012SQLBits 2012

Mission critical is a major focus of SQL Server 2012. There are quite a few changes in this release to ensure that you maximize your uptime and reliability when it comes to SQL Server. This session will start preparing you for what is coming.

Multi-Site Failover Cluster With SQL 2008 and DenaliSQLBits 2011

Planning a failover clustering implementation in a single data center is fairly straightforward, but what happens when you want to span data centers? Come and find out how to plan a multi-site failover cluster.

So Many High Availability Options, So Little TimeSQLBits 2011

This session will compare and contrast the various SQL Server high availability options and discuss the things you need to do - both SQL Server and non-SQL Server - that you need to do to achieve availability.