Organizations risk being overwhelmed by data.  How can you effectively provide a “single version of the truth”, while unlocking the key trends and insights that will allow your business to succeed?  How can you meet service level expectations by ensuring performance and scalability that grows with your data?  This session will explore the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the scalability, performance and ongoing operational excellence demanded of a tier-1 enterprise data warehouse solution, coupled with reduced complexity, efficiency, and interoperability that you come to expect from SQL Server solutions built on HP hardware.  The session will cover the overall SQL Server PDW shared-nothing, MPP architecture, and identify implementation choices related to the various appliances roles and the corresponding hardware choices.  We’ll explore capabilities such as leveraging parallel data copy and the HP Business Data Warehouse to create an effective hub-and-spoke architecture, and look at the performance aspects of data loading, query performance, scan rates and backup functions.  Finally, we’ll look at some of the operational tools developed by HP to assist in maintaining drivers and firmware “recipes”, troubleshooting, password management and other operational considerations.