There are lots of DQ issues we are going to talk about some of the common issues and later on see how we handle them. The biggest issue that customer come to us with is data which is incorrect. What does it mean incorrect –
1.Misspelled names
2.Misspelled addresses – addresses which do not exist, e-mail addresses
 3.Another big problem we address in DQ issues is duplicates. Any company that deals with lots of companies has this problem. For example you can’t imagine how many entries for Boeing can be in a data source. If you have the same entity entered many time with different representations it can be a problem as now you won’t believe what your BI is telling you.
For example what is your total sales ?
Did you count them multiple times?
Did you under count them?
This is a huge problem. You can spend lots of time and money on your BI tools but if your underline data is wrong than it’s a waste of time and money

This session will show you how to gain back that confidence by employing Data Quality Services from Microsoft.  A Knowledge base driven approach to cleaning your enterprise data.