This session is delivered with Alexei Khalyako of the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) . Alexei has been with Microsoft since 10+ years. The world has an unlimited appetite for data storage. While the architects are hyping on about Cloud, Map/Reduce, MPP and Complex Event Processing– there is still an old school of businesses that rely on good old fashioned relational databases for analysis and storage. Some SQL CAT team members still hold the banner high on good old data modelling. This session is your chance to meet a few of those men. We will walk you through hard earned field lessons, doing TB sized installations. We will let you know what our experience shows will work, and what doesn’t, if you are going to build a large data warehouse. We will talk about how you go from a Kimball logical model to something that will actually work inside SQL Server. It IS our hope that when you design a new system you will avoid the worst pitfalls.