SQLBits 2011

28 Weeks later - How to scale-out your MS Business Intelligence environment

The SQL Server provides much functionality that increases the scalability and flexibility of your solution by distributing data and jobs among low-priced commodity servers.
This session will demonstrate possibilities to scale-out your existing Microsoft BI environment. We will explore the ways how to use link dimensions, link measure groups and remote-partitions in Analysis Services. With the approach of synchronization and load balancing to increase the high availability of the service. We also take a close look on the Shared Scalable Database feature and how to use your SAN environment wisely. You will see how to use Analysis Management Objects (AMO) to manage our scalable environment and see how ETL Jobs also need assistance to scale out and build an alternative decentralized SSIS scheduling system. This approach is also cloud ready! with many samples and source code to demonstrate the approaches.