Consolidation of SQL Server infrastructure has become increasingly popular.

This is true from both a technological and financial perspective, may it be through virtualization, instance concentration or in building SQL Server hotel environments.

This is an in-depth presentation on one of the biggest consolidation projects so far in the Nordic countries based on SQL Server 2008.


This presentation will cover both the business aspects as well as the technical reasons behind this project by two of its top resources.


In one year the customer went from nearly 200 physical machines hosting over 1100 databases to only 20 servers without using any form of virtualization!


Topics that will be covered in this session include:



  • Why did we go for SQL Server 2008?
  • How to handle 3rd party hosting partners.
  • How we gotthe project sold, generating a solid proof POC.
  • How did we identify potential servers and databases spread across multiple countries?
  • How did we identify easy wins from the high-end systems using resource consumption monitoring?
  • How did we allocate the right resources for the project?
  • How did we create the right rules and setup going from a shared noting, to a share all environment?
  • What was the biggest success and what could have been done better.
  • How we created a private cloud using an internal invoicing system based on resource consumption.
  • What we did to meet the different deadlines and how to finish a project in time.