SQLBits 2023

Power BI and Web API's - not so low code ?

Learn how to connect to web API's from Power BI and thereby how to authenticate, parameterize and do a GET or POST request from Power BI
In this session I will demo how you can get data from web api's and how you can ensure that your model can be refreshed in the service.

We will by using real life examples walk through how to connect to different web api's and how different API's have different authentication methods that you will have to understand and master.

We will look at how you can parameterize your queries and only get the data for a specific period or other ways of specifying parameters that the API supports.

In the session you will also learn how to do a POST request to an API.

And YES we will spend a lot of the time in the Power Query Advanced editor.

After the session you should have a good start so that you can connect to the API's that are relevant for you.