SQLBits 2023

Code repos and automated deployment

Join this session if you want to get a guided tour into an example of how you could implement Azure DevOps in your organisation or team. We will be complete the journey from idea to running code
This session is for the fearless, gutsy, and heroic data professional who spends most of their work/wake hours fixing the burning platform, in production. While being skilled to fix the train while it's running solves a lot of business problems, it's almost a certainty that it leaves you exhausted or maybe even burned out. You perhaps even went for that new position in that other company, to escape your tedious deployment responsibilities. Here is where a code repository and automated deployments can help save your job in more than one way.

Even if the scenario is not that grim, you could leverage code repos for many other beneficial habits; Do you share your code/artifacts with peers to discuss? In a secure and clever way? How do you track what requirement was release when?
The impact of using a setup such as Azure DevOps to host your requirements and the code itself is invaluable, in my opinion - and I would like to take this opportunity to show you why.

We will be following an artifact (SQL Database, Az Function or something entirely diff) from inception to actual running service/code through the use of a number of Work Items in Azure DevOps in collaboration with an Azure Repo and finally packaged and deployed using Azure Pipeline/Release.