Want to refresh your Power BI Datasets in ways the service doesn't allow you to, out of the box? There are a few reasons why the UI in Power BI isn't sufficient for optimal dataset refreshing in Power BI.

In this session, you will tag along the journey of working towards a solution to this problem. We go through the journey of a real-life case where a Power BI set-up ended up needing advanced refresh handling.

After this session, you will be able to conceptualize and implement different Power BI refresh scheduling patterns in ADF/Synapse. You’ll learn what limitations in Power BI you can overcome with an “external” orchestration tool as well as the different building blocks available. Finally, we will go through an example implementation as well as a step-by-step demo of how you can set this up yourself.

- Why use a different orchestration tool than Power BI itself?
- Exploring the toolbox – what options do we have?
- Example implementation: Asynchronous Power BI refresh schedules orchestrated by ADF
- Demo: How to set it up in practice
Presented by Mathias Halkjaer at SQLBits 2023