Infrastructure as code is *the* way to deploy Azure services - right? But under looming deadlines and time crunches it can feel way faster to use the tried and tested method of going to the portal and creating resources manually. In the back of your head, you know there must be a faster, better way of managing resources - but how do you make the jump?
Without having a developer background it can be difficult to know where to even start with infrastructure as code. Especially if you are working with a team of multiple people managing and operating Azure resources - this requires a full cultural change!

In this session we will go through the concepts that you need to grasp in order to get started with infrastructure as code for Azure. We will look at how the process for managing resources in Azure changes compared to the way we've previously done it, and finally we will explore a complete workflow of deploying your Azure data platform architecture as code using Terraform and how to work on that code with your team.

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