SQLBits 2022

Azure DevOps Release Pipelines for SQL Databases, Azure Data Factories, and Analysis Models

How to deploy SQL databases, data factories, and tabular data models to Azure using Azure DevOps release pipelines.
Is your team still manually deploying databases, data factories, and analytical models (SQL Server/Azure Analysis Services databases)? Do you want to have well-defined, separate environments for development, testing, and production but your team can't consistently deploy the right code to the right place at the right time?

Azure DevOps features such as git repos and Azure Pipelines can consistently and reliably deploy your source code to target environments such as testing, pre-production, or production, on demand or automatically when code has been checked in.

Having an automated process to deploy these objects increases the velocity of an Agile team and increases the quality and reduces the risk of deployments by making them repeatable and consistent.

This session will show how to deploy SQL Databases, Data Factories, and Analysis Services data models to Azure using Azure DevOps release pipelines.

feedback link: https://sqlb.it/?7045