SQLBits 2022

Azure Container Apps for Data Engineers

In this session we will introduce Azure Container Apps and understand how it can be used as a simple and cost-effective way to host applications in Azure
Are you a data engineer that is utilising Azure services to gain meaningful insight from your data? Do you have a requirement to ingest data from sources in real-time or serve data from your Azure data platform via APIs? Do you want to meet these requirements using the simplest and lowest cost solution possible? If so, then this session is for you.

In this session we will explore Azure Container Apps, which is the latest service to become available in Azure, and understand how the service can benefit you as a data engineer working in Azure.

Azure Container Apps provides the ability to run container based applications in a serverless environment where you only pay for the time the container is online. This makes it ideal for many data related use cases and provides a low-cost solution for running applications in Azure. We will explore the Azure Container Apps service and show how easy it is to implement two typical data platform use cases - real-time ingestion and application integration. The end-to-end implementation process will be demoed ranging from creating the application in Visual Studio through to deploying it in Azure and testing it.

This session assumes you have some basic understanding of Azure and data platforms in general however, the key building blocks that make up the Azure Container Apps service such as containers, Kubernetes, Dapr and serverless processing will be explained.

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