I'm very glad that Microsoft changed the name. Azure Synapse is Azure SQL Data Warehouse evolved.

Moreover: Azure Synapse is much more than a single service now. 

During the session, I will explain what's that and why migration to this MPP architecture is not as simple as "copy-paste" of dataset. Therefore, you might be wondering: "how to move my data from on-premise Data Warehouse to Azure Synapse?".

This session reveals the ideas on how to do that, how to recognize whether your company is ready for this move or not really yet? What the best practices are and what other tools does Azure Synapse offer to leverage?

The session is for everyone who knows the data warehousing concept and wants to broad theirs horizons with modern capabilities of processing the data at scale.

00:00 - Intro
03:10 - What is Azure Synapse?
07:35 - Architecture
10:42 - Storage & data distribution
16:26 - When to use?
18:21 - DEMO: Data Distribution
36:33 - Migration
43:20 - DEMO: Migration
49:22 - Resources