SQLBits 2020

Value-Driven Analytics Development

Ever spent an age releasing a data model, only to find no-one uses it? There's a better way of working, driven by both technology & agile working practices, let me tell you about Value Driven Development & DataOps

You know the story - a new business application has been on-boarded, you've been told to get it into the warehouse. You build out a new star schema, work all weekend doing a production deployment and finally, release it to the wider users. Of course, noone is using it and you eventually find out why - whilst the model represents the real world... it has no actual business value.

There's a better way of working, partly driven by technology, partly by agile working practices, all bundled up into the hyped-up term of "DataOps". I'll take you through our preferred way of working, performing the absolute minimum up-front work before getting the model to the user, then productionising it later (if there's value!). Let me tell you about business Value-Driven Development and why you should be embracing it