SQLBits 2020

Navigating the Bewildering Array of Data Services in Azure

Azure's breadth of products can make technology selection a challenge. Learn how to make pragmatic and informed choices that meet your application's data transformation, processing and storage requirements.

Azure offers multiple options for each aspect of data handling. It offers multiple relational databases, but there are also completely different models such as table and blob storage, data lakes, or the multi-model approach taken by CosmosDB. Even if you decide on SQL Server, there are several different deployment and pricing models. For some applications, one of the analytics solutions might be a good fit, but how do you decide between Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, or Azure Analysis Services. Is Azure Data Factory a good fit for your ETL needs, and if so, will a pipeline built of standard activities meet your needs or will you need to create custom data flows?
This session will help you to navigate the many options, so that you can quickly narrow down a small set of candidate technologies that you can then assess to make the right decisions.