Since you often have the task of document recognition, text evaluation or image rating in Office 365, I show you the link to Cognitive Services, where you can generate various added values for your Office 365 project using image and text recognition methods. I use function calls for the direct call of the Cognitive Services and show you how you can directly access external API (of the Cognitive Services).

The example in this session is about the evaluation of the service quality of the #SQLKellner. It explains step by step how to assemble all components to get a "Service AI Power App" that runs on every smartphone or tablet.

The list of ingredients includes Cognitive Services (AI), Power Apps, an Azure SQL DB, a Logic App and Power BI.

There are many approaches to evaluating service quality, however, are the least objective. Therefore the approach is pursued with the help of the AI and shown exemplarily.
In these 60 minutes we build together a Service AI Power App, which runs on every smartphone or tablet.