SQLBits 2020

The “New Normal” for Database DevOps

See a showcase of Redgate's latest innovations that empower teams to quickly deliver quality database code.

Database development and delivery techniques have stagnated over the years due to three big problems: databases were classically seen as storage repositories rather than code, DBAs and developers were isolated into competing factions, and vendors split the market with different approaches to version controlling database objects. The rise of infrastructure as code, the undeniable success of Agile approaches, and the force of Digital Transformation initiatives are now forcing a “new normal” for the entire software development lifecycle, including database development.

In this session, Kendra Little shows Redgate’s latest DevOps innovations which empower developers and DBAs to:

  • Work in the IDEs of their choice
  • Automatically generate deployment code and customize it in plain SQL
  • Easily validate changes against a masked clone of production anytime they wish
  • Adopt branching workflows that offer cross-team review with meaningful datasets