OK, you got the message: Extended Events is the way to monitor SQL Server from now on. However, you feel overwhelmed by XML shredding and the simplest of tasks seems impossible.

Fear not: in this demo intensive session I will show you how to tackle the most challenging tasks without writing a single line of code. I will use the open-source tool XESmartTarget to audit logins, find unused objects, capture and notify deadlocks and much more.

Stop doing things the hard way! Join me and learn how XESmartTarget can do all the heavy lifting for you.

01:55 - introduction to extended events
07:11 - introducing XESmartTarget
10:32 - demos
11:39 - recipe 1: writing event data to a CSV file
20:13 - recipe 2: writing event data to a database table
25:25 - recipe 3: merging event columns before writing to a table
28:45 - recipe 4: capturing blocking and deadlocking and notifying by email
34:25 - recipe 5: capturing blocking and kill sleeping SPIDs
38:36 - recipe 6: auditing logins
42:26 - recipe 7: auditing unused objects
45:42 - recipe 8: workload analysis
49:16 - recipe 9: writing event data to InfluxDB