Relational database engines are great, but with increasing data volumes and user patience
decreasing we need to look for other options. Step forward ElasticSearch, a search engine for our data!
Our users and customers today want to ask new and interesting questions of the data that they have access to, but you don’t want the overhead of building and managing indexes for every query. Join me as I walk you through the essentials of what ElasticSearch is and how it can help you deliver a data platform that can satisfy the most demanding of users.

We will start by discussing use cases for ElasticSearch and then we will set up a simple cluster see how easy it is to insert, update and search for data using both a UI and API calls. We'll finish by looking at how a combination of text analysers and clever indexing strategies can help you to build a powerful, modern and highly scalable platform that can complement your existing or new infrastructure, and can
continue to grow with you and your data.  
Presented by Steph Martin at SQLBits 2019