You finally got the go ahead and now you have a nice and shiny Power BI service or perhaps a Power BI Report Server environment.
Maybe you went all out and even have set up a deployment pipeline to automate deployments.

The one thing you probably haven't don't yet, is setting up that feedback loop.
You're missing metrics. The important metrics that enable you to manage your environment beyond 10 users.

So many things to think about...
Who's using your reports, how often and at what times?
Who actually needs a pro license, who doesn't need it anymore?
You need to plan for maintenance, you need impact assessments for outages or deployment failures.
And you surely need these metrics to show the validity of Power BI within your department or even the enterprise.

In this session you'll learn everything you'd ever want to know about monitoring your Power BI environments and how you too can start monitoring Power BI Report Server or the Power BI service like a pro!

Presented by Jan Mulkens at SQLBits 2019