SQLBits 2018

Enhancing relational models with graph in SQL Server 2017

This session explores SQL Server 2017's Graph processing to better understand interconnectivity and behaviour in your data.
Analysing highly connected data using SQL is hard! Relational databases were simply not designed  to handle this,  but graph databases were.  Built from the ground up to understand interconnectivity, graph databases enable a flexible performant way to analyse relationships, and one has just landed in SQL Server 2017! SQL  Server supports two new table types NODE and EDGE and a new function MATCH, which enables deeper exploration of the relationships in your data than ever before.

In this session, we seek to explore, what is a graph database, why you should be interested, what query patterns does they solve and how does SQL Server compare with competitors. We will explore each of these based on real data shredded from IMDB.