If you are a DBA who is dealing with multiple platforms like SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, RedShift etc, this session is for you. The number one issue multi-platform DBA often face is that they have to learn multiple Integrated Development Environment (IDE)s when they have to deal with different databases. The initial curiosity of learning something new often gets old very fast when dealing with multiple platforms for different databases. There are often scenarios when we want simple efficiency enhancement in our daily routine like powerful search, cloud storage and collaboration, which we often see often missing in our run of the mill clients.

This session is not your usual tips and tricks session. It is rather a very different take on the life of multi-platform DBAs's life. We will share some real-world scenarios and life stories of DBA who have to deal with different database platform every day and their constant battle with efficiency. We will see some neat solutions, demos, and tools which can make our daily job pleasant. Remember that everybody who will attend the session will get free scripts which they can use to improve their SQL Server's performance.
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