SQLBits 2018

Boosting SSAS productivity with Tabular Editor

Tabular Editor is an open source offline editor experience for SSAS Tabular, which offers lots of features in a simple UI that can vastly improve your productivity when developing Tabular Models at compatibility level 1200+
Authoring SSAS tabular models using the standard tools (SSDT) can be a pain when working with large models. This is because SSDT keeps a connection open to a live workspace database, which needs to be synchronized with changes in the UI. This makes the developer experience slow and buggy at times, especially when working with larger models. Tabular Editor is an open source alternative that relies only on the Model.bim JSON metadata and the Tabular Object Model (TOM), thus providing an offline developer experience. Compared to SSDT, making changes to measures, calculated columns, display folders, etc. is lightning fast, and the UI provides a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" model tree, that lets you view Display Folders, Perspectives and Translations, making it much easier to manage and author large models. Combined with scripting functionality, a Best Practice Analyzer, command-line build and deployment, and much more, Tabular Editor is a must for every SSAS Tabular developer. The tool is completely free, and feedback, questions or feature requests are more than welcome. This sessions will keep the PowerPoint slides to a minimum, focusing on demoing the capabilities of the tool. Attendees are assumed to be familiar with Tabular Model development. https://tabulareditor.github.io/