SQL Server 2016 is a class leading Tier One product but how do you get customer to upgrade and migrate? How can you address the "so what" SQL does everything I need to do now?

For the last year, Mike Boswell  has been working on migrating a leading UK public sector customer to SQL Server 2016. We have had to go deep on performance and support the business argument.

This chalk n talk session will dive into how various groups, in Microsoft including SQL CAT, were used to change the customer perception of "we are just fine with legacy SQL Server" and give you ideas on what you need to look into.

We talk about the areas you need customers to focus on and what is likely to become blockers?  Performance comparisons, implementation of new features, bringing the Oracle DBAs to understand the differences are just some of the challenge you will face. I'll tell you how we failed at first and how we turned it all around.

We will look at new CE, where In memory is a good fit, indexing, testing, checkpoints, how it "just goes faster" helps workloads, performance counters, KPIs, business discussions, insight into migration planning and how to even work with an Offshore model!
Presented by Mike Boswell at SQLBits 2017