SQLBits 2017

Creating the single view of a Customer; at volume, without code

Business expects 360 view of Customer but data is difficult to build, challenging to clean and complex to de-duplicate. The challenge is to synchronise this data with systems of record. See how Profisee can solve this problem at volume & without code

Today’s complex IT world involves managing data from many locations, systems and environments. Data components that make up our understanding of our customers are derived from many places with complex relationships linking our information assets. The challenge is how to build a cohesive, single view of data that can then be automatically shared amongst users, systems, suppliers, partners and consumers. See how your existing investment in Microsoft SQL Server can be utilised to quickly create the authoritative view of data that can be seamlessly synchronised with enterprise systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, SAP and many more – either on-premise in your data centre or in the cloud, using Microsoft Azure.

For further information, see www.profisee.com/mdm4360