SQLBits 2017

Analysis Services in times of Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration has not yet been fully integrated into our BI standards and methods. Tool support is still somewhat unsatisfactory. Let’s look into requirements for a SSAS solution and on ways to approach your self-made solution.
Continuous Integration attracts more and more attention throughout all areas of development. But not every area is provided with a satisfactory amount of tools and support for this topic. Especially in BI there is still a gap to close.  During this session we will look into ways to start on your own Continuous Integration approach for your SSAS tabular solution. After a short review of what aspects Continuous Integration actually consists of we'll focus on automated deployment. Let's have a look at the Tabular Object Model (TOM) in C# as well as the JSON based Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL) available since SQL Server 2016 as possible approaches to build your own automated deployment process. And what about BIML?