Do you have an application running with an in-market version of SQL Server, such as 2012 or 2014? Then this session is for you!

Microsoft is well aware of the number of customers betting their business on current versions of SQL Server, and that we need to add value to your already existing SQL Servers.

Rather than waiting for for critical feature completeness, performance, supportability and hardware adoption improvements, we have been seeking to provide enhancements for in-market releases.

The latest result of these continued effort shines through in SQL Server 2012 SP3, and even more so with the upcoming SQL Server 2014 SP2.

This session will showcase several improvements in the Database Engine for SQL Server 2012 through 2016, that address some of the most common customer pain points involving tempdb, new CE, memory management, partitioning, alter column as well as diagnostics for troubleshooting query plans, memory grants, and backup/restore.

Come see this demo filled session to understand these changes in performance and scale of the database engine, new and improved diagnostics for faster troubleshooting and mitigation.

Learn how you can use these features to entice your customers to upgrade and run SQL Server workloads with screaming performance.  


1. Learn about performance, scale and diagnostics enhancements in SQL Server database engine.

2. Evangelize these enhancements to get an out-of-box performance.

3. With this, understand how your experience with SQL Server will improve, and why you should install the latest and greatest Service Packs