As part of the team leading the migration effort from Microsoft IT's on-prem servers to The Cloud, we've collected a number of best practices that can save your organization weeks or months of effort & untold dollars in development & implementation costs.  Those who think the only tool required to move SQL instances from the datacenter to IaaS VMs is a forklift have a hard lesson to learn.  In fact, it's a bit challenging than that.  This session will introduce the Top 10 Lessons Learned in the MSIT migration effort & provide actionable guidance that customers can begin using immediately.    Session Goal 1: Understand that forklifting applications to the Cloud has unexpected challenges. Session Goal 2: Understand that many fundamental best practices which have served us well on-prem remain important—& now we have new nuances to master. Session Goal 3: Understand the value of leveraging MSIT's lessons learned has the potential to save an organization weeks or months of time & hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars. Additional Notes: This is an exciting topic the work for which I'm intimately involved.  I'm extremely enthusiastic about sharing the fruits of our efforts with the Community.
Presented by Jimmy May at SQLBits XIV
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