We start with an overview of the new features in Excel Services 2013 and go on with the publish options with focus on the “Items in the workbook” option which is especially handy when you will embed in SharePoint without it resembles Excel too much. Second item on the agenda is the integration in SharePoint with a demonstration of three possibilities:
  • Full page - The lazy solution
  • PerformancePoint Services Dashboard - The smart solution
  • WebPart page - The customizable solution
Last but not least the session will include “Tips & Tricks” including how to remove the Excel look. How to control the layout with “Named Items” and the "Name Manager" and how you can burst the limits from PivotTables with the of use "Cube Functions" and "Names Sets". The attendees will get a overview of the possibilities with Excel Services 2013 in a Business Intelligence perspective.
  1. New features in Excel 2013
  2. Overview of the publish options
  3. How to control the layout
  4. Tips & Trick from real world examples
Presented by Just Blindbæk at SQLBits XIV
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