We are going to examine a variety of oopsies MANY developers fall prey to - some obvious, some pretty subtle and some downright sneaky! Lots of code examples with the bad AND good code presented. I GUARANTEE that you will find things here that will either prevent you from getting bad data, throwing unwanted errors or vastly improving your database application's performance and concurrency.  Not only will we dig into lots of code examples, we will also cover numerous performance analysis AND tuning techniques.  Profiler, statistics IO and query plan issues.  Learn about how the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies to SQL Server performance analysis.  Don't worry, I actually DO have a degree in physics, so my head won't explode. :-)  See how data value skew mocks parameter sniffing.  Learn about a common mistake that actually caused a client to go out of business - and yes, I DID tell them it was going to happen! I have given this talk almost 75 times now and it is always very highly rated!  Two hours is not nearly enough time, so come prepared for a JAM-PACKED session!
Presented by Kevin G. Boles at SQLBits XIV
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