Session Objective(S):
SQL Server 2014 introduces in-memory technology for optimizing OLTP workloads. In this DBA focused session we will :
•         Discuss what In-memory OLTP is.
•         Discuss key architectural requirements and some of the architecture of In-memory OLTP tables.  (Memory & Storage Usage)
•         How In-memory OLTP tables integrates with existing native stored tables.
•         Identify scenarios where memory In-memory OLTP will improve application performance and where it may not be suitable.  
Key Takeaways
•         In-Memory OLTP value proposition.
•         Understand the SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP key architecture and considerations
•         The effect of durability for memory-optimized tables requirements of storage and recovery
•         Where OLTP can improve application performance on commodity hardware and identifying potential candidates for In-Memory OLTP
Presented by Microsoft at SQLBits XII
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