SQLBits 2014

SAN eye for the SQL girl/guy

More and more senior roles require familiarity with SAN technologies - tricky for us, 'just' the DBA. This '90% practical' session will explore Hue's 2× different SAN in a box'es. Come and gain this much-needed exposure to Enterprise technologies.
Most Enterprise-scale deployments feature SAN-based storage. As the SQL DBA we rarely get our hands on these cool toys BUT more and more senior roles require at least some familiarity with SAN technologies - so how do you get this required experience? Answer: come to this session, of course (!) -a '90% practical' session - featuring the return of Hue's popular 'no bullets' slides - and gain this exposure.

Hue will bring 2× different training 'SAN in a box'es - one based-on Microsoft and one with an interface more akin to what you'd find in a typical datacentre. SAN storage will be provisioned in-front of your eyes and you'll see technologies like iSCSI in action and explore uniform and mixed storage pools and LUNs aplenty!

The second part of the session will focus entirely on troubleshooting SAN issues - where we'll explore some of the SAN 'dark speak' such as IOPS, queue lengths, I/O size and use Microsoft's SQLIO to test the SAN before we even deploy a DB - OR troubleshoot performance problems.

A '400 Advanced' session in parts BUT frequently returning to basic concepts before 'deep diving' again - come along, I'll guarantee you'll pick-up some new tricks and much needed Enterprise technology exposure.