Microsoft SQL Server offers one of the best integrated data management platforms for Business Intelligence, from the core RDBMS though associated tools such as Integration, Reporting, Analysis and Master Data Services. The Microsoft BI front end tools however suffer from being fragmented, overly complex and / or lacking in functionality and ability to exploit the data platform.
Pyramid Analytics address these issues with an integrated suite of modules for analysis, and report writing, coupled with a server based management engine that makes deploying sophisticated BI solutions to large numbers of users a snap.
This session will introduce you to the Pyramid Analytics Platform and Architecture and demonstrate some of its innovative and game changing capabilities, from analytics to dashboards to reporting, with full central management and control.
Ian Macdonald
Principal Technologist, Pyramid Analytics
Ian has over 25 years’ experience in the Business Intelligence software market, having held senior technical, product management and marketing roles with Information Builders, Hyperion Solutions, HP and Microsoft. Today he leads the technical team developing Pyramid Analytics’ business in the UK and Ireland.
Presented by Pyramid Analytics at SQLBits XI
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