SQLBits 2013

Data loading at warp speeds

Do you struggle to reduce those frustrating long hours it takes to load data? Are your time windows for loading becoming too short for comfort? If so – you simply can’t afford to miss this session…
Data loading is one of the most critical challenges for many systems. The increase in data volumes and the increased demands for availability make this task ever more challenging.
In this session we will cover both theoretical and their counterpart practical aspects of the various means you have at your disposal to optimize your data loading performance.
We will unravel the truths and bust some myths regarding minimally logged operations and 
bulk load mechanisms. We will look at internals, 'secret' trace flags but also review some simpler techniques that you may have overlooked.
We will analyze the most common data loading scenarios and provide practical, proven tips for optimizing bulk data load performance which can make a difference in orders of magnitude!