Let’s have some fun!  Using a game show style presentation, Kevin will test your knowledge of IT pop culture, IT history, computers, database technology, and – of course – SQL Server. 

Winners get prizes!

For IT professionals, not knowing how the industry got started is much like an automobile professional who doesn’t know where cars came from.  In addition, the Internet is full of recommendations that were written a long time ago which no longer apply to current versions of the infrastructure.  Consequently, a lot of sincere developers and administrators are following protocols that can hurt, not help performance, reliability, and maintainability of their applications.  

This SQL Trivia bowl may contain questions about:

o   The origins and history of computing and data processing
o   SQL Server Setup, Memory, IO, and CPU
o   Transact-SQL Programming
o   Database Design
o   Business Intelligence

So let’s have some fun clearing out the cobwebs of old recommendations and faulty assumptions.  Learn about SQL Server because it’s not just trivia, it’s your job!

Prerequisites: General IT experience, including developer or administrator experience with the SQL Server relational engine


Goal 1: Encounter and disprove widespread myths about SQL Server.
Goal 2: Learn where to go for the most up-to-date and accurate information about SQL Server.
Goal 3: Pummel naysayers and Oracle fanboys into submission with your superior knowledge of IT and SQL Server!
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