Join X-IO for lunch and learn how real-time information processing and the big data revolution are driving fundamental changes in architects’ views of storage infrastructure and the economics of acquiring, integrating and operating large-scale storage infrastructure.
You’ll learn how leading telco ISV, Redknee, used  SQL Server 2012 and X-IO storage to process 113,402 call detail records per second, generate over 4 million invoices per hour and achieve an order of magnitude improvement in performance, for 25% of the cost of its previous platform.
You’ll also learn how you can achieve similar significant performance increases with a significantly lower cost of storage. For banking systems provider, Temenos, X-IO intelligent storage delivered 337% more transactions than pure SSD at significantly lower cost (pure SSD = 24.7m transaction in an 8-hour day. X-IO storage = 83.4m transactions in a simulated 8-hour day).
We'll also lift the lid on why the storage market is on the verge of a major revolution that enables a true balance of cost, risk and scale.
About X-IO
X-IO Intelligent Storage has been designed from the ground up to accelerate enterprise applications while delivering never before experienced price / performance. By utilizing Hybrid storage components, coupled with an extremely high availability proven architecture, X-IO has demonstrated 10,000+ SQL Server TPS and 200,000 VDI IOPS from a single 3 rack unit storage system that consumes only 700w of power. ISE also dramatically simplifies storage configuration, deployment and ongoing operations. Just Plug in and Perform!
About Marc Demarest
Marc Demarest is CEO and Principal of Noumenal, Inc., a private international consulting firm based in the US and the UK. Widely known as the father of data marting, Marc speaks and writes regularly on DBMS-related topics, particularly big data, real-time analytics and decision management.
About Gavin McLaughlin
Gavin McLaughlin, Solutions Development Director at X-IO Storage is based out of X-IO’s London office covering the EMEA region. Gavin has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years and previously held sales and technical leadership roles at HP, Sun Microsystems and EMC.  His focus is working with ISV partners and solution orientated resellers to address business challenges using innovative technologies such as X-IO’s Hybrid Storage concept.
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