SQL Server Analysis Services has a reputation as a bit of a “black box”.  While there is some degree of truth to that, as there is less visibility into what’s going on under the hood in Analysis Services than in SQL Server, there is relevant and actionable data available.  Memory management in particular is often a challenge, in part due to the differences between SQL Server and Analysis Services.

In this session Scott Fallen, SQL Sentry Sales Engineer, will cover topics on how to monitor and tune Analysis Services to get the most out of your memory.  You will learn about counters to watch, best practices, and monitoring options.  We will also investigate how Analysis Services uses memory, and how it differs from SQL Server.

The session will wrap up by looking at making Analysis Services monitoring easier and troubleshooting faster by using SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis Services.  In this segment of the presentation, Scott will demonstrate the live and historical performance dashboards, query capture and analysis, as well as overall usage information captured by Performance Advisor for Analysis Services.